Derek Davis - Recording Artist - Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Performer/Producer.



Derek Davis, former Arista Records recording artist and Babylon A.D. front man follows up the successful reception of his first solo debut REVOLT with his new 12-song release, REVOLUTIONARY SOULa diverse collection of songs in which Davis pens nine, plays all instruments, sings, arranges, and produces.

Daviss exploration of combining old school R&B, Funk, and Hard Rock is awe-inspiring and leaves the listener wanting more. The funk driven, hard-hitting title track “Revolutionary Soul” delivers the angst and vocal delivery he is known for. Both lyrically and musically the track speaks to the frustration and passion of the forgotten man in todays ever changing world.

The second track “Rapture” is a sensual tale of a cat and mouse encounter between the sexes with an infectious groove. A brand new version of the Amy Winehouse hit “Valerie” shows Davis can take any song and turn it on its head to make it his own.

With “Think About It,“Love and Abuse,” and the 1923 Jimmy Cox blues song “Nobody Knows You When Youre Down and Out,” Davis brings out the horn sections, B3, and some great storytelling, along with some tasteful guitar leads.

The sultry ballads “Vicious Heart,” “King of Fools,” and Stop! Wait a Minute” paint a beautiful landscape of broken hearts and lost love. Bobby Womack’s “Woman’s Gotta Have It” and “Picture of Love” keep the soul train moving right along.

On the last track, “All The Roads,” Davis lyrically bares his soulemotionally and spirituallyproviding a glimpse of his inner self, while weaving a sonic atmosphere of guitar sounds deep into the mind of the listener.

Derek Davis is a creative and talented performer, singer, songwriter, musician, and producer who delivers it all with REVOLUTIONARY SOUL!

Release Date: March 2017

Track Listing
1. Revolutionary Soul
2. Rapture
3. Valerie
4. Think About It
5. Love and Abuse
6. Nobody Knows You When You
re Down & Out 7. Vicious Heart
8. Woman
s Gotta Have It
9. King of Fools
10. Picture of Love
11. Stop! Wait a Minute
12. All the Roads

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