Derek Davis - Recording Artist - Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Performer/Producer.
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Resonator Blues

This may sound as a bit of a cliché, but not everyone can play the blues and that is something that it shows–you can tell with just listening when someone plays this genre and it’s not feeling. The blues is about feeling and is about swagger, which is something Derek Davis has proven with his latest release, “Resonator Blues.”

“Resonator Blues” deals with the common issue of not being the most eclectic of albums, but Derek Davis finds a way of making it work and delivers with the vast majority of the songs, which is something worth pointing out. It’s an album that is fun, enjoyable and with a musician firing on all cylinders, thus becoming one of the strongest releases so far this year.

Not many can feel the blues and very few can deliver like Derek Davis’ “Resonator Blues.”


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Resonator Blues

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