Derek Davis - Recording Artist - Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Performer/Producer.
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Derek Davis - Revolutionary Soul -

Derek Davis - Revolutionary Soul


Derek Davis has kicked off a brand new year with a blast, unleashing a solo album destined to enrapture his fans as Davis goes funky R&B retro on Revolutionary Soul, with the auditory results being absolutely explosive.

Revolutionary Soul is a vast and adventurous effort, fully realized by its mastermind Derek Davis – who not only sings with a heated passion but also performs all of the instruments. An infinitely intriguing album that all types of music connoisseurs will wish to revisit time and again, Revolutionary Soul is sure to inspire all looking to be swept away by the sweet timeless melodies delivered by one of the truly gifted yet scandalously underrated artists.

(Review by Ken Morton - Highwire Daze

What you get is twelve tracks of essentially Soul music, but it’s Soul with more of the passion and bite of the early seventies rather than the smooth, soulless (pun probably intended) fare we tend to get served today.

It’s all Davis, and not only the writing and vocal – every aspect, every instrument. It’s a little intimidating how good it is.

Indeed of the twelve tracks here only three are covers and all three are extremely well-chosen: with the Zuton’s penned and Winehouse-covered classic "VALERIE", Jimmy Cox’s "NOBODY KNOWS YOU WHEN YOU’RE DOWN AND OUT" and the great cover of Bobby Womack’s "WOMANS GOTTA HAVE IT", probably the song here with the lushest treatment.

Of the originals Davis runs from the gamut from lush Motown-like arrangements, to seventies Soul and even a few moody bluesy ballads. The execution is extraordinary.

Davis’s combination of old school R&B, Funk, Soul and Hard Rock is a real treat for the ears and its something I’d certainly like to hear more of.

(Review by Mark Diggs - Rockpit 

This Jan sees the long awaited release of Derek Davis’s album Revolutionary Soul and boy are you in for a treat, Derek’s got soul we’re talking James Brown soul as title track ‘Revolutionary Soul’ will testify its funky its soulful with just a hint of what's on offer for the remainder of the 12 track album coming in at just over 47 mins. ‘Revolutionary Soul’ takes us on a soulful, funky ride which further enhances Davis’ songwriting and vocal talents.

‘Revolutionary Soul’ isn’t just an album it is that album you put on when you take your sweetheart to your place and you dim the lights press play and wait for the smooth vocals and soulful tones to do there work and before you know it you are………

Rating 10

(Review by Shane Bradley- WEROCK Webzine U.K


Moonshine -


Hi Octane Southern Rock Blues ! The band is from CA - Featuring Derek Davis on Vocals. The CD was recorded at Eddie Van Halen's 5150 studio.
if you like early "Aerosmith", "Lynyrd Skynyrd" "Allman Bro"s, you'll love Moonshine.
With special guest appearances by, Michael Anthony and Jane Child.
Derek Davis - Re-Volt -

Derek Davis - Re-Volt


Derek Davis has brought together an eclectic mix of songs. “It’s not the Beatles White album, but I feel I have had the freedom of expression to write and produce music the way I have always wanted, something you usually can’t do with the restrictions of a major label,” says Derek.

Lyrically, and musically painting a moving picture landscape. Derek has created a true modern anthem rock album, with a wild and twisted roller coaster ride of emotions for its listeners. The vocals, melodies, musicianship and production are excellent and the execution and arrangements all fit together nicely. Vocally, Derek’s style is high-octane grit, full of electric energy, different enough to push beyond the modern day Daughtry clones and provide the material with the exact right combination of power and attitude. 




DEREK DAVIS - Revolutionary Soul


Derek Davis - Re-Volt

Re-Volt - Derek Davis