New Single/Video


Derek Davis is back with a new fresh track titled “What is Up Is Down”.  

A blistering lyrical attack and stick in the eye to the woke cancel culture brigade. The songs musical style of Rock/Soul/Pop blends effortlessly together into a slow moving anthem, reminiscent of the great Marvin Gayes classic “Whats going on”.  A haunting vocal melody, hypnotic drum beat and sonic sounding guitar twists and mud turns color the background of this truth laid bare vision of the world we now see spinning out of control. Or better yet, under control’ of high tech, media manipulationand an overly aggressive government pushing the new woke agenda on its population.

Derek Davis is no stranger to the top of the music charts. As frontman and songwriter for the successful Arista Records rock band “Babylon A.D.” Davis' songs achieved Gold record status and multiple Top 10 AOR chart success. His two recent iTunes Blues Chart #1 singles, "Mississippi Mud" and "Death Letter," from his album “Resonator Blues” released last year shows Davis is at the top of his game!